Daily Feline Prompt: Lost Feline


I never get lost, but I am a cat, I always find the way home
Just a twitch of the whiskers and a shiver of the tail warns me not to roam
I do it by smell, I cannot explain, but my nose sniffs the way to go
I take a straight path one paw after the other and the wind begins to blow
I smell the scent of the place where I live, even if I am far away
I know where I belong, where my food is waiting, and have no intention to stray
Have you ever seen a feline that is lost, the word exists not in meow
It is known as instinct for the unknowing humans, but they do not have the know-how
It exists in our bones, in our brain in our heart to find our dearest wish
But the best way to find us is filling our bowl with a portion of tuna fish

Daily Feline Prompt: Lost Feline

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