Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Garden

Tabby A 07.10 (2)

I will never understand the human word “garden”. It does not exist in meow. We call it our recycling depositing tray. They are full of earth, and earth has only one purpose – to bury unwanted matter. Mrs. Human buries flowers in it, and strange objects that look like something that humans eat. She calls them “bulbs”, another word not existing in meow, and when the hunting season begins, usually when it gets warmer and the mice and birds are moving, these “bulbs” begin to grow an again you get flowers. Even the flowers she buries grow, but she says they are the seeds that the flowers produce. Who needs flowers?

What is the purpose of a flower. They do nothing, do not move. They grow and t some time in their life, they die and even then they are not worth eating. You an even get digestive problems from them. So what is the point. They just occupy digging space.

Speaking of digestion, that is the purpose of a garden. Your unwanted matter is in the garden, so cover it up with earth and move on. Gardens are a mystery to me. Mrs. Human even throws water over it when it does not rain. She says then her plants begin to grow. We do not want anything to grow, just leave the earth and perhaps dig it now and again to keep it soft. It makes it easier for the paw to cover up what you do not want to be seen.

I will never understand the human “garden”.

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Garden