Feline RDP Friday: Feline March


It is time to sleep, so let’s have a good yawn
Who cares if it’s March, it is not yet the dawn
Felines have no months, we take it as it comes
So open up the tin of tuna, I have no opposable thumbs
There are seasons for birds, and also for mice
I prefer them when they are fresh, because they taste so nice
Today it is raining and my fur gets very wet
I will stay at home, on that you can have a bet
Why go marching and get mud between my toes
I prefer to relax and work at home, and have a nice long doze
You think I am lazy, no never, always thinking
Feline lives are so hard and tough, hope I am not sinking
So march on the Spring when I have a midday snooze
In the garden in the sun where I have the wonderful views

Feline RDP Friday: Feline March