Feline RDP Wednesday: Euphoniuous Feline


A meow here and a meow there
Singing for my supper but no-one has a care
I am waiting for the sounds of the opening of the bag
Where the delicious odours spill out to make my tail wag
It is full of juicy food, I really must succumb
If only I did not have paws but an opposable thumb
Then I would not have to wait, and do it all myself
I always have to remind Mrs. Human to take it from the shelf
I only lick the juice, the meat I leave for later
I like the taste to mature, because it is much greater
Meow-o-wow-wow a euphonious song I sing
So get the food ready and let the flavours spring

Feline RDP Wednesday: Euphoniuous Feline

9 thoughts on “Feline RDP Wednesday: Euphoniuous Feline

  1. I, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog, also sing
    I’m singing right now, but it gets nothing
    I’m ready for a walk, but is she?
    I can’t even see her, can she hear me?
    I sing and hit very high notes, then low and loud
    She just ignores me, she hates me, no doubt.
    I just want a walk, It doesn’t matter how far
    Yesterday I barely got one, but she bought a new car.

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