Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Temperature

Tabby having a jab

Once a year I must endure this degrading treatment. My body is my temple but at the vet they ignore this and take possession of it all. There is no way of escape, I am trapped, pinned down. You can see the various instruments used, a real torture chamber. My pleas for mercy are ignored and the grand finale is measuring the temperature.

You can see how it is done, my dignity is reduced to a nothing. I have no chance and must accept this treatment. There is no privacy at the vet.

Feline RdP Thursday: Feline Temperature

23 thoughts on “Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Temperature

        • I am now getting tuna fish every evening, but Mrs. Human says I should eat it and not just the juice. It is not the same as I used to get, but all in separate packets and she puts an extra juice on it, something calle medicine

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          • My two kitties do the same – just the juice and not the tuna! I tried to give them albacore fort their birthday a couple years ago. Same thing: they lapped up the tuna a=water and left the albacore!

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            • Felines seem to be the same all over the world. Our Tabby is now 16 years old and her age is catching up on her. She has always been in good condition, but now her kidneys are not working as they should. No big problem, but she now only gets “renal” food and medicine once a day. She finds the new diat quite good and gets a bowl of tuna daily (Royal Canine) but licks up the juice and leaves the food pellets. Luckily she has liquid medicine and does not notice that I put it on her food, so she is drinking that as well. I leave the food that she does not eat, and now and again she samples some. And the diat food is not cheap.


            • No kidding on the cost of special diet food!

              One thing that I do with chunk foods that sometimes show up in orders of pâté-style food the kitty boys prefer is to mash it down into a slurry – sometimes a bit of water needs added to it. Tuna, for some reason, resists becoming more pâté-like, but I suppose one could run it through a food processor. I even mash the pâté with a little water for the kitty boys since Persians, because of their short muzzles, have difficulty eating the food otherwise. They lap it up instead of biting it.

              Gad the stuff we do to be helpful to our kitties! I even microwave cold food for a few seconds to take the chill off food that was refrigerated!


  1. I have to give Andy, one of my Persians, a blood pressure medicine. I had the veterinarian mix it in a chicken-flavored water (I guess) so I could give it to him by syringe in his mouth. I doubt I could get him to eat it on food, if my experience with Lysine is any lesson.

    Also, I asked the kitty boys’ veterionarian why they didn’t use a non-contact thermometer like my docotr usi=es to take my temperature, and he said the rectal thermometer – ouch! my ears would fold back, too! – and her said they tried it but the results were inconsistent and inaccurate.

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    • t the moment I pour the medicine over the food and she is drinking it with the food so no problem. Such a thermometer would be a good idea. I have one that where I can measure the temperature on my ear, but am not sure that would work with Tabby.


      • Normal cat temperature is 102°F/38.9°C, which should be within the capabilities of a thermometer meant for human use. Fever range in cats is 103.5 ° F/39.7° C and higher. Let me know what you get! I think there have been enough times with my cats that knowing what their temperature was that it might noit hurt to have a non-contact thermometer to check, if, at leasty, one can get a reasonablyh good reading. I wouldn’t try a rectal thermometer! (My cats thank me!)

        You are lucky you can get your kitty to take medicine that way. It certainly is easier, less stressful for the kitty.

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