Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Tune

It is time to go out, my paws have an itch
I can hear sounds outside, whiskers do twitch
But just a moment, I have a second thought
There is someone outside and it seems I might get caught

Neighbour's Cat

No, that is not me, but is another kind
Looking quite intense and has something else in mind
I think I will stay in, he does not look so friendly
Having fights with other felines is not really trendy

Another escape from a situation where I could have lost a life
Much better to be careful instead of having strife
It seems I have a new rival, ready to take territory
I hope he will go away and does not cause a story

The lives of a feline are never very safe
We might have a vicious fight causing injury chafe
Perhaps he wants to be my friend, but I have no such wish
Unless he decides to be so friendly and shares a tuna dish

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Tune