Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Dalate


“Tabby, nothing to write today?”

“No Mrs. Human. I speak meow and took the trouble to learn human, but now there are words that do not exist in meow and even you had to search in a human dictionary to see what it was all about. I prefer to play my piano. Even without opposable thumbs I can compose a tune.”

“Although it does not sound very harmonious.”

“I composed it myself and am calling it the Dalate symphony because it is out of tune.  Come on Mrs. Human, you can do better that to expect me to compose a blog about a word that no-one ever uses. Why don’t you write something.?”

“I have Tabby.”

“Big deal, but you were shaking your head all the time and started at least three times. Write about something more sensible like tuna fish, talking walls, or how to empty a recycling tray, but “dalate”. I decided to “dalate” my blog today would be a good start. Even your computer is underlining it in red.”

“The word is “dalate” and not delete.”

“Let us not discuss one single letter difference. I do not understand it, you do not understand it and no-one ever uses it.  How would it be if I gave you the subject of “meowkapurrdip”.”

“That is not a word Tabby.”

“It is in meow and is one of the most important items in the life of a feline.”

“Then explain it Tabby.”

“No way. There are words and words and some are not meant for the human ear. You do not have to know all our feline secrets.”

“OK, then I will not tell you what “dalate” means.”

“Of course you won’t, for the simple reason that you do not know.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Dalate

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