Feline RDP Saturday: Tabus catus


Ego sum felis catus
I am not antiquorum
My ancestors built Rome in a day
But disappeared in the forum
We felines were here
when humans were still in trees
So why speak latin
A language freeze
Meow is much easier,
Although it varies in tongue
The Persians have to many verbs
and the Siamese almost none
I am multi cattus
I understand them all
I prefer not to speak it
I have a Tabby accent drawl
Mrs. Human understands me
Especially when I scratch
Claws are so useful
To emphasise a match
So do it ad hoc
And add some catus diem
It is all done in bono fide
Quid pro quo cattus verbatim

Quod Erat Demonstrandum – Tabus Catus

Feline RDP Saturday: Tabus catus

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