Feline RDP Wednesday: Abandoned Feline


“There you are again Tabby. Every evening you sit in the same place and stare at me.”

“I am making sure that you do not forget Mrs. Human.”

“Forget what?”

“My food of course. Since the nice visit to the lovely lady at the vet, I get my special meal every evening and I am making sure that you do not abandon the idea. At last you realise that food is not only vitamin pellets but some real bites of real meat with nice juice on the side.”

“I didn’t think you liked vets.”

“Not since the vet realises my special needs are in the shape of meat that is the real thing and not dehydrated tasteless pellets..”

“That is because you are now on a special diet Tabby.”

“But I have to remind you every evening to serve it. Twice last week you forgot and began your own meal and there was I forgotten and dying of hunger.”

“Tabby you still have your pellets if you are hungry and I still have to get into the routine of serving your special dish in the evening. And dying of hunger is a little exaggerated.”

“That is why I remind you, by giving you the look.”

“Yes, Tabby, and giving me a guilt complex when I forget.”

“That is feline psychology Mrs. Human. The special stare that humans get when we feel abandoned and forgotten. After all we felines are the most important event in a human life. Where would you be without us Mrs. Human.”

“Still in the trees eating bananas?”

“Yes, of course Mrs Human. You have learned your history lesson according to the felines very well, so do not forget my special food in the evening.”

“Of course not Tabby.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Abandoned Feline

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