Feline RDP Tracery: Feline Tracery


Who needs tracings
When I have such wonderful teeth
I have a top row
and also many beneath
They are not for decoration
but gnashing and bite
Not only on the left
but also on the right
They are my trade mark
and enhance my great smile
It is all I, me and myself
with a very unique style
So let us munch away
and tear meat in a bit
I am a super feline
Now that you must admit
I never clean my teeth
they are always bright and shine
Each one is genuine
And they are all mine

Feline RDP Tracery: Feline Tracery

14 thoughts on “Feline RDP Tracery: Feline Tracery

  1. You would have been proud of my Mrs Human last night, Tabby. I jumped on the dinner table and Mr Human said, “Bad cat!” My Mrs Human said, “Oh, stop that. ‘Bad’ is not in meow.” She’s paying attention, isn’t she? –Parker

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  2. Our teeth are exceptional although my mom’s dad cat….Siamese had to have his teeth removed….oh well just goes to show we’re definitely the better breed.xπŸ˜»πŸ’œπŸΎπŸŸπŸŸ

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    • Ours are also not covered by insurance. I go once a year for a check up, but have neglected it as had enough other medical problems. I clran them after meals and before bed and they seem to be OK, but I should really have a check


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