Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Closet


“Tabby, look at the state of your blanket where you sleep on the chair.”

“Looks OK to me Mrs. Human. Has a very good decoration.”

“That is not a decoration that is traces of your fur and not very nice.”

“Smells good, so what is the problem?”

“The problem is that you are always sleeping on this blanket and I should brush the fur traces away. What will people think if they see it.”


“But no-one sees it when I am laying on it. It is a very comfortable blanket to rest on, smells good and is nice and warm. And they will probably think that a home is not a home without its own personal feline.”

“No Tabby, I will have to wash it, or at least brush away the fur.”

“Wash it? But then it removes my aura, my patina, my natural scent.”

“Exactly, that is the idea.”

“Doesn’t come into the question. I will guard my personal resting place with my last fur ball scent.”

“OK Tabby, but at least let me clean it with a brush.”

“Are you insinuating that my fur is not clean. It is part of me with all its scents and mixtures. What are you doing Mrs. Human? Leave my blanket to me and stop pulling it away.”

“When you grip it with your claws and sit on it I cannot remove it. There is only one way.  I will brush the fur remains away and spray it with a scent.”

“OK, I give up.”

“Where are you going?”

“If you insist I will have to find another resting place. If you need me I will be sleeping on your bed covers. Not as comfortable as my  blanket, but they will do.”


Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Closet

9 thoughts on “Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Closet

  1. Tabby, my feline Charlie has a red blanket too. He loves the way it is, he says its special and should remain the same. But I occasionally take it outside and brush it off for him, as his human it’s my duty to keep my feline happy.

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