Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Pickle


Life can be confusing
although we felines sort it out
If it wasn’t for the humans
that tend to cause some doubt
In the evening I am fed
With tuna in a sauce
And so I wait at lunch time
which is natural of course
But then I get nothing
Mrs. Human says eat your pellets
I think she misunderstands me
or is she just a zealot
Eating tuna once a day
Is not enough for me
I really must make it clear
It’s for breakfast, dinner and tea
And so I wait and give a stare
to impress my vital needs
It really is not difficult
To supply the suitable feeds
Even if I show my teeth,
It fails to make an impression
I give up, and eat the pellets
And hope for a new tuna session
I really so not want to fuss
and do not want to bickle
Does she realise it is cruelty to cats
To put me in a pickle.

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Pickle

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