Feline RDP Monday: Feline Fool


“Tabby don’t you want to sit on the wall where you have a nice view of your territory.”

“You must be joking Mrs. Human. It is far more comfortable here on the ground and of course safer. Imagine if I jumped onto the wall and fell. I could lose a claw, or even worst I might have to visit the vet for a broken paw. No, my adventurous days of jumping onto high places are now gone. I am now thinking about retirement and leaving the foolish stunts to the kittens and the feline next door.”

“I thought you did not like the feline next door.”

“I don’t, that is why I am hoping he might try a jump onto the wall.”

“But he is the same age as you and could hurt himself.”

“Exactly. And now you can leave me to a relaxing sleep. Just wake me up when it is time for my evening meal.

Feline RDP Monday: Feline Fool