Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Stretch

Tabby having a stretch

There is nothing like a good stretch
especially if you want to sleep
I find a nice warm place
Somewhere not to deep
And then I apply my exercise
Meow one, meow two, meow  three
I would advise before you start
to have a nice long pee
Now you can concentrate
beginning at the paws
working slowly through the whiskers
do not forget the jaws
Now you are completely relaxed
and I would advise to swirl
Note my tail forms a balance
I like to make it curl
When it is finished
You will be a new cat
It is time to curl up
Preferably on a warm mat
Now close your eyes
Being to drift away
the stretching is rewarding
Relaxation is here to stay

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Stretch

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