Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Articulation


Meow your meows with a loud clear voice
Make sure you are heard, give no-one a choice
You must leave an impression on the human race
Be sure they won’t forget you, you are the ace
Scratch on the bedroom door, let them all awake
Do not let them sleep, your meows should not be fake
Mix them with a hiss, articulate meow-wow
Humans are your slaves and to you they must bow
And when they are awake and open up the door
You can now relax, you have completed your chore
“What is wrong Tabby?” the Mrs. Human says
“Nothing, why?” is your answer, she must learn your ways
You have made your point, loudly articulated
The human shakes her head, but your meow has been stated
And once more we have proven, humans need not to rest
The feline always a paw ahead, we really are the best

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Articulation

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