Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Coast


Of course I have a coast. I call it the border which separates my territory from the others. Who needs water? I just spray my own supply on the bordering grass to establish my rights. All other felines are aware where my territory begins and ends, they can smell it. The cat next door, known as Roschti, has had his eyes of my part of the landscape for many years, but I put my paw down to warn him. Now and again he takes a walk through to get to his own territory. I gave him a special whisker permission to cross through my area to his territory in return for keeping any other felines out of my place. Sometimes even we felines must reach agreements. I also prevent feline intrusion on Roschti’s territory. We reached a special paw swiping agreement.

As a feline you can never be too careful. Sometimes there might be a territorial dispute with sharpened claws and hisses, but I have my own cat flap for a quick escape. Fight back? You must be mad. I only have 5 lives left from my 9 and am not prepared to risk more just for a coastal dispute.

Roschti 27.05.2017

Here you can see Roschti guarding his territory, he likes to make it comfortable. As his territory borders on mine, it serves both our purposes and I would not like to cross with Roschti, he can get quit annoyed.

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Coast