Feline RDP Saturday: Feline April


April was a busy month
I think I slept all day
Closing eyes and opening them
It was a tiresome way
In between I had a wash
to make sure I was clean
Of course I had my food to eat
Maintaining a level of protein
In between I went for a walk
but had no energy to leap
And so I returned to my nice warm home
to catch up on my sleep
Up to now it has been a stress
I had so much to do
A feline life is packed with work
I must rest, not overdo
Tomorrow is another day
full of trials and action
I think it is better to think it over
Another chain reaction

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline April

5 thoughts on “Feline RDP Saturday: Feline April

      • Well, my dogs have it worked out … but they are definitely loud. They stand in front of my door and have what sounds like a battle to the death. Why? They want me to get up and give them a biscuit. When dinner time rolls around, the Duke gets on the sofa and barks in Garry’s face untii he gives up whatever he was doing and make them dinner. Volume counts. Maybe she should try knocking over furniture or something. That might get quicker action!

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