Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Egg Search


“Tabby are you looking for something.”

“Of course Mrs. Human. It is Cat-easter and time to search for some eggs.”

“Oh, if I had known, I would have hidden some for you, but I did not know that felines eat eggs.”

“Of course we do not eat eggs, we are carnivores and not eggivores. It is not the egg that is important, but the manufacturer.”

“The manufacturer?”

“Known as bird, Mrs. Human. Where there are eggs there are birds: a very tasty part of the feline diat.”

“But Easter, or even Cat-easter, is a time to celebrate and take it easy and forgive.”

“That is what I mean Mrs. Human. I could celebrate by having a bird meal and afterwards take it easy in the digestive process. Forgive does not exist in meow. So where there are eggs there are birds.”

“That must be a strange feline festival. We celebrate a new begin and felines eat birds.”

“Why not. We are helping to maintain the balance of nature. If we did not eat birds, there would be far too many of them flying around. There is a purpose in everything. Enjoy your eggs at Easter Mrs. Human, and if you find some freshly laid, just let me know. There is never an egg without a bird. As we say it is fine to put all your eggs in one basket, but better to find who put them there.”

“Another example of feline logic it seems.”

“You said something Mrs. Human?”

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Egg Search

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