Feline RDP Saturday: Identical Feline

Cat 26.09 (1)

“Are you sure it is not you? This feline also has a tabby pattern.”

“But it is not an original like mine. I have symmetrical stripes showing my descent from the felines that were worshipped as gods. This is more in the Picasso style of things, although we tabbies all have a unique mark on our fur.”

“You have a unique mark?”


“Of course, otherwise our mum would not recognise her kittens. I have a broad dark stripe on my back, to make sure that I am recognised, although I have my doubts with humans. For humans all tabby cats look the same. I must admit all humans look the same also. It is a good that they all smell different.”

“But I don’t smell Tabby.”

“You think so Mrs. Human? We felines do it all by smell, at least our nose is not short sighted.”

“How do I smell Tabby.”

“A human smell, it depends on what you had for lunch of course. At the moment it is definitely something that reminds me of a pig.”

“I beg your pardon. I do not smell like a pig.”

“What did you have for lunch?”

“A pork chop.”

“There you have it Mrs. Human. You definitely have something piggy about you at the moment, but do not worry, as soon as you eat something else it will disappear. What are you eating for tea?”

“I have some ham.”

“Pig again. Try eating mouse or bird, it would make your smell more identical to mine.”

Feline RDP Saturday: Identical Feline