Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Warp


“Tabby you no longer sit on your wall.”

“It has become warped.”


“Yes. I wanted to jump to the top but it was no longer the same as when it was new.”

“Perhaps you are getting older Tabby, and no longer as fit as you were.”

“Rubbish, I am as fit as ever, but I am sure the wall is growing. It is higher now.”

“Walls do not grow Tabby, they stay the same size.”

“My wall told me that it is expanding and warping its way higher.”

“Walls do not talk Tabby.”

“Of course they do, they have ears as well and hear everything. Even humans are aware of that.”

“No Tabby that is just a figure of speech and it means that other people can hear what you are saying sometimes and it is better not to talk too much.”

“You mean that everyone can hear my meows.”

“No Tabby, because most humans do not understand your meows.”

“Another reason to stick to telepathy. That is how I converse with my wall, to keep my conversations private. I do not want any human listening in to what I discuss. There are certain situations that we like to keep to ourselves, speaking as feline to wall. And now I must go, my wall is growing again and pushing the plants up.”

“No Tabby, the plants are growing, that is nature.”

“It is all a matter of interpretation Mrs. Human.”

“Yes, of course Tabby. Am I glad that you explain everything so well.”

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Warp