Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Drop


Thinking about going out
the window is open and ready
The weather is good, no raindrops about
And everything is steady
On the other paw I feel so tired
I should sleep another hour
And now the sky looks as it it might drop
I am sure there will be a shower
The best laid plans of mice and cats
Often go astray
I think I will now postpone my walk
Tomorrow is another day

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Drop

Feline RDP Monday: Waiting Feline


I am a patient feline
Really I can wait
Although there are exceptions
So let me get it straight
When I’m hungry,
That is quite often
I want my food at once
My impatience does not soften
If the door is closed
I can get annoyed
Until the human opens it
Anger I cannot avoid
Feline commands are to be obeyed
through the day and through the night
Always at once, immediately
and instantly is right

Feline RDP Monday: Waiting Feline

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Picture


“Mrs. Human, this is downright embarrassing.”

“I find it quite an amusing photo Tabby. Just when I was ready to take a photo you began to lick your nose. ”

“And you find it amusing? I am now the laughing stock of the whole feline population around my territory. “Picking your nose Tabby?” or “Making sure it is still there” are just a few meows I got from the other felines. And then they began to snigger behind their paws.”

“They found it amusing. Now and again you have to laugh. A shame that I only got the top half of your face, otherwise I could put it on Pawbook to show the other felines and my friends.”

“That does not come into the question. There are certain aspects of a feline life that should be kept private. How would you like it if I took a photo of you with the handkerchief wrapped around your nose and show the Facebook world?”

“That is not a comparison Tabby and not very funny, but your tongue licking your nose is quite amusing. Where are you going?”

“In a place where you cannot find me with your camera. I have some personal cleaning to do in certain places and that will be kept away from your camera. I would like to protect my private sphere.”

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Picture

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline April


April was a busy month
I think I slept all day
Closing eyes and opening them
It was a tiresome way
In between I had a wash
to make sure I was clean
Of course I had my food to eat
Maintaining a level of protein
In between I went for a walk
but had no energy to leap
And so I returned to my nice warm home
to catch up on my sleep
Up to now it has been a stress
I had so much to do
A feline life is packed with work
I must rest, not overdo
Tomorrow is another day
full of trials and action
I think it is better to think it over
Another chain reaction

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline April

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Cyclone


“Tabby what are you dashing around for?”

“I am not dashing around Mrs. Human, just exercising my paws, tail, whiskers, ears and nose, as well as my claws.”

“But you do not have to combine it with leaping from the bed and trying to climb the wall.”

“Of course I do Mrs. Human, it is all part of the feline action plan: be prepared at all times.”

“But what do you have to be prepared for?”

“For the case that it might happen.”

“What might happen?”

“No idea, but it is better to be prepare it case it does.”

“That does not sound very logial Tabby.”

“It doesm’t have to be logical, just feline.”

“Oh I see. How are you going to fit eating and sleeping into such a busy routine.”

“No problem.When I am exhausted I will collapse for a sleep and in between eat. And now out of my way, I need a straight path to the chair, from where I can jump down to the floor and climb the wall. Move, I am coming, I am having a cyclonic hour.”

“Oh I see.”

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Cyclone

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Guest Post

Tabby A 08.10 (1)

At last fame and fortune. My super intelligence and good looks have been honoured by an article I wrote about my favourite subject, I, me and myself. Now your curiosity has been awakened and this time it does not kill the cat (stupid human saying) but honours the merits of my writing talents. Now you are all waiting and so here is the link:

The Life and Times of Tabby

I now have to go, it seems there is a telephone call from “Modern Cat” a magazine featuring famous felines. They wish to interview me on my human training programme.

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Guest Post

Guest Post: The Life and Times of Tabby

Tabby here. At last I have become famous and made my pawmark on the blogging world. I was requested to write an article about I, me and myself, my favourite theme, in Foster Cat Chats. I am sure I am now in the narrow choice for a Pulitzer prize.

Foster Cat Chats

Tabby from The Cat Chronicles is our guest blogger this week. Tabby lives with his translator and human, Pat, aka Angloswiss. Tabby has led a long and satisfying life, always sticking to the motto I, Me, Myself.

Tabby the Cat Tabby

Meow to all cats out there and to the humans concerned.

It all began 17 years ago when I was ready to make my entrance. I was the first in line to go, there were four of us. It was then that my big fat furry sister, Nera, decided she was the Alpha cat and gave me a push with her back legs and so I was not the first to appear but the second. She was not really my sister, just had the same mum. We felines do not take it so serious, and mum was on the tiles making the most of it. My dad remains a mystery but most…

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