Feline RDP Friday: Feline Prompt


“Tabby, what about pawing your daily prompt today?”

“Mrs. Human I am exhausted and I need to take a few hours rest. What’s the subject?”

“Prompt, today it is a year since the ragtag prompt began. I am sure you have something to say about it.”

“Of course. I would like to thank my mother, my many brothers and sisters, my ancestors, and Bastet for making it possible for me to partake in the Daily Feline Prompt.”

“What about me Tabby?”

“You Mrs. Human? You just do the mechanical work, but the basic artistic phrases and ideas are mine. Everyone waits for my daily words, it is the main purpose of switching on the computer, to read what I have to say.”

“And today you are not writing?”

“Tomorrow Mrs. Human. The anticipation and eagerness to read my treasured words will be all the more. In the meanwhile you could perhaps organise a sun shade. The sun is quite bright and disturbing my moments of relaxation.”

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Prompt

Feline RDP Thursday: Drifting Feline

Tabby sleeping between the plants

I am very good at drifting
Because I close my eyes
Floating on a feline cloud
is my favourite exercise
I do not have to paw my way
Sleep just carries me on
Where I am going I do not know
When I wake I am in my salon
I always keep one eye prepared
to keep my territory sure
You never know if a cat might invade
And I must keep an eye on the door

Feline RDP Thursday: Drifting Feline

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Island


I have found a new island
Mrs. Human calls it a settee
The name is not so important
It is warm enough for me
I have my favourite blanket
Which suits my noble race
Surrounded by soft leather
This is an ideal place
I can sleep for hours
Disappear into a trance
I am so very special
It matches my feline stance

Feline RDP Wednesday:Feline Island

Feline RDP Tuesday: Sparky Feline


I am a sparky feline
especially with my claws
I scrape them on the walls
and make scratches on the doors
Mrs. Human does not like it
She can be so proper and prim
I explained they were works of art
Based on a feline whim
On dark nights, which I don’t find dark
My eyes reflect the moon
They show the sparks of beauty
Which force the mice to swoon
That is when I pounce to catch a tasty meal
We cats are well equipped
With sparky claws of steel

Feline RDP Tuesday: Sparky Feline

Feline RDP Monday: Sumptuous Feline


Look, there it is, my sumptuous food in my bowl but too far away for me to eat. I am being tortued by my human. She places it high up and I am starving. I could die in the meanwhle. She is just ignoring me. I can smell the aroma and am sure that it is a dead bird, she calls it a chicken. She opens the paket and already I am teased by the smell. She squeezes it into my bowl. There I am sitting and waiting and what does she do? She ignores me, but begins to crush with something called a fork. Now the smells are increasing, I should report her to the society for cruelty to cats. She is finished with the preparation, but to add insult to injury she is now taking a photo of me and my food.

And now she is taking my bowl and perhaps it will arrive in my feeding place. I can hardly move, so weak I am from hunger, but I drag my paws to my bowl. At last my hunger pains are appeased and my food is ready.

“No Mrs. Human, I am not overdoing it, just spare a thought for a starving feline.”


Feline RDP Monday: Sumptuous Feline

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Putter


I do not do putter
It is too much clutter
So leave me alone
to rest my bones
Sunday is a day of rest
Just let me sleep
I have no quest
The food was good
Now I’m digesting
An exhausting day
to do some resting
Tomorrow I have work to do
If I wake up in the morning
Perhaps I might sleep longer
And putter around with yawning
So let us dream
Of tins of tuna
Fresh birds and mice
If they are sooner

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Putter

Feline RDP Saturday: Pink Feline


I am back, did you miss me? Of course you did, what a silly question. Blogging without me to guide you is wasted time. You do not know what to write, have no prompts for a good subject content, and you were all lost without my leadership. Of course, I would have been here were it not for my complicated human. She had a computer problem. I had none of course, but she did not ask me. It seemed to be a photo problem, although I have plenty of photos, but it was all to do with herself. Humans can be so selfish sometimes, and not spare a thought for a feline.  I wanted to tell you so much about how life was progressing in my home. It was quite exciting.

In the morning I awoke and dragged myself to my food bowl. Had a good lick and afterwards a relaxing sleep. We felines tire so quickly after eating and washing. Five hours later I was again ready for action. Had another wash, although my tongue was now qute exhausted and decided to have a sniff at my food bowl. There was again only the dry hard vitamin pellets, but I had no choice. I can tell you biting on those pellets is an exhausting business and so I afterwards collapsed again into my bed, although I believe I made a short excursion to my recycling box in between.

Mrs. Human was still occupied with her computer problem, here nose and cheeks were becoming quite pink with excitement, but I remained in my usual calm feline state. I decided to take it easy again and in the evening I had real food, the stuff made of something that was once alive, full of juice. Of course, I had to recover afterwards and again retired to my bed. During the night I had a few moments of serenading the humans whilst they were sleeping, but they ignored me and so I decided to continue my sleeping session. And then it was morning, so I dragged myself again to my food bowl, whilst Mrs. Human was still dealing with her photographic computer problem and then……. no, I am repeating myself, but so is the hardworking stress day of a feline.

Feline RDP Saturday: Pink Feline

Feline RDP Wednesday: Breathtaking Feline


I am breathtaking
Moments of bliss to see me
The perfect feline

“Anothter flaiku Tabby”

“I cannot help it Mrs. Human, it flows in my whiskers.”

“But you always talk about yourself.”

“I know, but who is interested in someone else?”

“Of course Tabby, the world revolves around Tabby.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Breathtaking Feline

Feline RDP Tuesday: Snowy Feline

Tabby in snow

Pawprints in the snow
Frozen heavy claws dragging
Near to the birdhouse

“Tabby what is that supposed to be?”

“It’s a flaiku of course. the feline equivalent of a haiku Mrs. Human”

“But it should have a little more feeling perhaps and romance.”

“There are no stronger feelings as the attempt to capture a birdhouse and rescue the birds from freezing in the snow.”

“I thought you didn’t like snow.”

“I don’t like snow, it’s true, but am quite partial to a bird.”

Feline RDP Tuesday: Snowy Feline

Feline RDP Monday: Blustery Feline


There is no time to lose
I must be very quick
I am the feline bluster
And it is time to have a lick
This morning it was raining
A puddle is outside
It looks so very inviting
And so I will abide
Oh every drop is abrosia
The chosen drink for a cat
I savour every tongue full
My perfect habitat

Feline RDP Monday: Blustery Feline