Feline RDP Thursday: Feline suitable


What could be better, although I had a hard job to persuade Mrs. Human to have her garden redesigned to my tastes. In the background I have my two walls. What is a feline without a wall? Life is boring when you cannot stare at your walls and have a private conversation with them. I do not know why she had to plant all that green stuff in between my walls. She could have left just the earth. All the other felines would be so jealous if they saw that I had such a king sized recycling tray for my own private use, but Mrs. Human found that would not be so good.

I also have my own private drinking bowl, although now and again the feline next door walks through my territory and has a taste. I must have a paw swipe with him to show him who the boss is. Today I had some excitement, it rained, not that I like the rain.When it stopped raining there were some very tasty puddles left and we felines all know that the best water is rainwater left to develop its aroma in a puddle. Again Mrs. Human disagreed: something about drinking dirty water not being suitable for me. Humans have such strange ideas sometimes.

And now I must go, my walls are calling and I must have a stare for a few minutes. Never neglect your walls when they are calling.

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline suitable

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