Feline RDP Monday: Sumptuous Feline


Look, there it is, my sumptuous food in my bowl but too far away for me to eat. I am being tortued by my human. She places it high up and I am starving. I could die in the meanwhle. She is just ignoring me. I can smell the aroma and am sure that it is a dead bird, she calls it a chicken. She opens the paket and already I am teased by the smell. She squeezes it into my bowl. There I am sitting and waiting and what does she do? She ignores me, but begins to crush with something called a fork. Now the smells are increasing, I should report her to the society for cruelty to cats. She is finished with the preparation, but to add insult to injury she is now taking a photo of me and my food.

And now she is taking my bowl and perhaps it will arrive in my feeding place. I can hardly move, so weak I am from hunger, but I drag my paws to my bowl. At last my hunger pains are appeased and my food is ready.

“No Mrs. Human, I am not overdoing it, just spare a thought for a starving feline.”


Feline RDP Monday: Sumptuous Feline

5 thoughts on “Feline RDP Monday: Sumptuous Feline

  1. The Duke won’t eat kibble — which is good for him — either. He will try a mouthful. show his obvious distaste and walk away. Unless it’s mixed with human food. Or JUST human food. He doesn’t seem to feel he should be fed DOG food. The other two eat it and anything left over, but not the Duke. He’d probably like the tuna, too.


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