Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Sheets


“I love the feeling of fresh laundry on the beds Mrs. Human.”

“I am sure you do Tabby, but it is not the idea that you distribute your scent and fur on the sheets and duvet covers when I have freshly made the bed.”

“But it smells so neutral, has no flavour or scent of possession. It needs the feline touch.”

“I need no feline scent or touch Tabby. The bed is mine not yours.”

“I am sure you can sleep much better if I give it some feline scent.”

“Forget it Tabby, I prefer my own scent and stop prodding around with your claw on the fabric, you are pulling threads.”

“That is my mark Mrs. Human, to prove that I was here.”

“No proof required Tabby, you leave enough of your fur behind to show you were here.”

“I was only trying to help, humans are never satisfied with the feline touch.”

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Sheets

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Taxi

A Journey to the vets

Me in a taxi? My taxi would be in a car driven by Mrs. Human, often accompanied by my sister Nera who is now living her 10th life in the eternal corn chambers hunting mice.. Where were we going? There is only one place that gave us the opportunity to have our own private chauffeur – the vet of course.

We would be packed in our cages and put into the car and off we were. Now and again I could have a look through the window, but nothing special to see and eventually we arrived at the dreaded vet.

Tabby at the vets for jabs 2014

As you can see I was not smiling. It was most insulting to be prodded and jabbed and even combed in the search for fleas. I have never had a flea in my coat. Admittedly a snail once made it a home and even a tic, but never a flea.

Afterwards it was back in the taxi and with relief I eventually arrived back to my territory. Felines and taxis do not go together.

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Taxi

Feline RDP Monday: Ephemeral Feline


Tropic solar day
A short ephemeral sleep
beyond the tired

“Tabby I don’t quite understand that Meowku.”

“You don’t have to understand it Mrs. Human. Lives are too short to invest time into the interpretation of a meowku. In any case, it was written in meow, and only meant for us felines.”

Feline RDP Monday: Ephemeral Feline

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Help


Placing the paw in the water
Ensures that the water stays
where it is in the bowl until tasting
making sure that is goes not sideways
I also measure the temperature
to cool down my body heat
The sun is now beating down
Cooing the paw is so neat
Now there is just one prolem to solve
Before the water I sip
My fur coat is hot, I am so uncomfortable
But have not yet found the zip

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Help