Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Preen


I am having a preen
put up the screen
A private moment for me
I do not want an audience
Respect my privacy
There are actions that you should not see
A little scratch here
And perhaps a bite there
It keeps fleas and ticks away
So leave me alone
To scratch on the bone
You really do not have to stay
Be careful where you tread
although I am resting on your bed
A tic might fall to the floor
Do not step on it
It could get quite messy
Leave me alone, close the door
And now I am finished
Just a quick lick
To make sure I am very clean
When we felines are nit picking
And indulge in our fur licking
We must concentrate all of the time
I need no distractions
And no over reactions
When removing all of the grime

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Preen