Feline RDP Friday: Feline Delay


“Tabby what are you waiting for.”

“Silly question Mrs. Human. My super organised body is sending signals that it is time to fill my bowl with food, real food and no vitamin pellets. There has been enough delay. ”

“But I was busy Tabby, dealing with the weekend shopping and preparing my evening meal.”

“What about my evening meal? You can really be quite selfish Mrs. Human. I am starving, dying of hunger and all you care about is your evening meal.”

“You look quite healthy to me Tabby. Just a few minutes and I will be with you.”

“Few minutes does not exist in meow Mrs. Human, only “at once”, “immediately” “instantly” or “in a flash”, so what about it? And do not forget to reduce the size of the meat pieces with a fork. It slips down easier, and I do not have to chew so much. Make sure there is enough juice on the meat and it should be room temperature and not from the fridge. It is a shock to my delicate system if it is cold, understood?”

“Yes Tabby, at once Tabby, but eat it all. I do not want any leftovers.”

“Mrs. Human I will eat it in my own time. Perhaps I might leave a small remainder in case I awake in the night with hunger. Just leave it in my usual place. And now to eat, before I die of hunger. Humans really only think of themselves.”


Feline RDP Friday: Feline Delay

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