Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Droplet


“Mrs. Human you could be more careful when putting my water in my bowl.”

“You have a problem Tabby?”

“Of course. I like my water to be in one place and not splashed around. It means that I have to walk through the water and my paws get wet.”

“But you can lick them dry afterwards.”

“Mrs. Human we felines drink with the eyes and I have no interest in drinking water that is splashed around everywhere.”


“But you often dip your paw into the water before drinking Tabby.”

“That is something completely different. That is when I am testing the water to see if it has the correct temperature and consistency. I do not just drink any water, it has to fit my requirements. Splashes show that you are not following my instructions. Would you eat your food if there were splashes of sauce on the table.”

“I do not make splashes when serving our food.”

“You see Mrs Human. There are drops of my water everywhere, a real puddle. Careless pouring for felines. and we deserved to be worshipped as gods. What are you doing with my water now Mrs. Human?”

“I am throwing it away and filling it with fresh water in another place, so that the splashes will not disturb you.”

“And I have to wait for fresh water. Leave it where it is, I will force it down me and close my eyes so that I do not have to see the drops everywhere.”

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Droplet