Feline RDP Monday: Astral Feline


“There you are Tabby, I haven’t seen you all day. Where have you been?”

“I had an urgent mission to complete Mrs. Human and have only just returned.”

“Where did you go?”

“Our leader on Koshka entered into his 10th life, he had a disagreement with a sabre toothed tiger and so we had elections for a new leader. It was quite a nice little get together.”

“And you now have a new leader?”

“They wanted me as their new leader, but I had to refuse. I told them that Mrs. Human would be lost without my support.”

“Oh that is very thoughtful Tabby.”

“They chose Garfield, one of our best ambassadors on the planet earth. And now I am tired with so much travelling, and also hungry. You could perhaps fulfil your purpose in life and prepare this fish I brought with me.”

“Looks a bit strange and smells funny.”

“It was freshly caught from the Koshkan ocean. I even killed it myself.”

“But it has whiskers and fur and a zip.”

“All animals on Koshka have a zip. It can get quite hot up there. I even found mine whilst I was there, but they tend to disappear when we are out of the influence of the Koshkan moons.”

“Tabby this is a strange story.”

“Not a story, but reality. Did you not see the lights from the ship when I returned?”

Feline RDP Monday: Astral Feline

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Reflection


I could stare at myself
for hours on end
My beauty is to behold,
that is my trend
The whiskers need combing,
they are not so perfect
The fur should be licked,
it is a little flecked
My reflection is a moonscape
I only see one side
A second mirror would help
to make me satisfied
I am busy Mrs. Human,
now is not the time to eat
I must study my reflection,
it really is a treat
But now I must go
Mirror stay where you are
I will be back later
The most handsome cat by far

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Reflection

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Proxy


Mrs. Human here, Tabby is not here. She gave me the proxy to paw her daily contribution from the world of felines. She was having her usual afternoon sleep on her chair and afterwards decided to find somewhere to cool down. This was more than an hour ago. She doesn’t tell me everything. Her last meow was “I will be back for dinner”.

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Proxy

Feline RDP Monday: Feline Princess


Princess Tabby here again. I am worn out, it can be an exhausting life having to deal with all my subjects and keep them satisfied. I have to keep my servants busy that they do not take advantage of the importance of my position in the household.

Of course I am responsible for the co-ordination, the brainwork. Ensuring that Mrs. Human is aware when my bowl might be empty, refreshing my water supply at least once an hour and naturally emptying my recycling tray when necessary. This evening I even had to remind her that it was time to serve my minced chicken. She was preparing her own food, but I gave her a claw hint that royalty comes first and the others afterwards.

And now I must retire to recover from the burdens of my daily life. My eyes need a rest.

Feline RDP Monday: Feline Princess