14 thoughts on “Feline RDP Saturday: Sick Feline

    • Not really I just had to fit it in with the prompt, although animals that stare at walls for hours have their problems. She has kidney problems according to her last examination at the vet and I give her medicine once a day and she only eats special renal food.

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      • Both our Scotties are 13 and their age is showing. Bonnie’s losing her eyesight and Gibbs is nearly deaf. Gibbs is healthier than Bonnie, I think, but it’s hard to tell. They get old and it’s heartbreaking. I can’t believe Bonnie is 13. She was 9 weeks old when we got her, just a tiny bundle of fuzz and a very doggy sense of humor. One day they are kittens or puppies, turn around once and they are in their prime … and the very next day they are old.

        One of the reasons we allowed for the Duke was knowing he was young and on some level, recognizing we were going to need something to love because the Scotties aren’t going to be with us very much longer.

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        • We had three cats, Tabby and her litter sister Nera and a selkirk Rex, Fluffy. One after the other we lost Nera and later Fluffy and now only Tabby remains. We no longer want any more cats when Tabby goes. Mr. Swisss is 80 years old and I have my hands full with life as it is and I really do not want to go through the sad details of losing another pet.

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          • I can understand that. Tabby is a grand old lady cat and I hope she has a little more time. I guess we all come to a point where we know we won’t have another pet. I probably won’t have another dog of my own after Cindy who is also 13. Polly is six so by the time she leaves me I don’t think I will get another cat even though I will probably want one.

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  1. There is a book called “All Cats Have Aspergers.” It is humorous, but also serious in explaining what autism is to kids and their parents. Cat experts are always saying that cats hate to have their routines disrupted – that’s why feeding time is such fun at time change !

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    • My No. 1 Son will be 50 years old in September and is autist, that is why I recognise the signs in cats, I suppose I have become an expert over the years. Cats show many signs of autism/asperger. They have their routine. I had a blind cat for 10 years but he knew where to go. If I moved a chair he was a bit lost at the beginning, but soon found the way again.


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