Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Strain


Cooling patio
The exhausted whiskers sleep
because of the strain

“But Tabby I did not noticed that you were straining.”

“Of course I was Mrs. Human, I was straining to stay awake.”

“Without success it seems.”

“That was due to straining to write a meowku. They are exhausting. Meow only has words with two syllables and creating words to fit with the meowku pattern is not easy and afterwards I have to translate it into human.”

“How would it be in original meow Tabby?”

“Meow, meow, ow
meow, meow, meow, ow
meow, meow, wow

Note the small embellishment on the last line, as a grand finale: wow.”

“Yes Tabby, very eloquent.”

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Strain