Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Commencement


You can never be too careful with the first steps outside in the morning. Mrs. Human opens the window. She says for some fresh air, but who needs fresh air. You cannot eat it. She is opening the window for me of course, but does not like to admit it. So I sit and wait, shall I go or not. Are there any rivals in my territory? Of course I could chase them away, but being a peace loving feline, I prefer to wait until they go on their own. No point in hissing and paw fighting so early in the morning, and they might be bigger than me.

I have a sniff. No rain,  as wet is not my thing. Looks like I have it all to myself and then I put my first paw forward. The second, third and fourth follows and I am out in the wilderness. I look back and see my home going into the distance. Of course it was one small step for a cat, but one giant leap for the feline nation. I know you are all proud of my efforts and I do this every morning.

Afterwards I return home tired and worn out. Even feline catonauts need their rest after  such large steps into the unknown.

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Commencement