4 thoughts on “Feline RDP Saturday: Ostentatious Feline

  1. The cat is always boss. After the feline revolution, all humans will have to wear collars with the names of their masters attached, so you can always find out which feline they belong to.

    And this isn’t even a Persian cat. The Persian are the most snobbish cats, full of self-importance. That’s part of their charm, too. Cats have the right to feel superior. Felines are superior, definitely. Cats should rule this planet. They’ll probably do a better job at it than we do.

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    • I remember when we moved the settee to the living room which took the place of two armchairs. Tabby had long decided tht armchairs were not fitting for her important position. Since the settee is in the living room, she has reserved it for I, me and myself. although there is room for two, it entirely belongs to Tabby. Thank goodness she is not a persian, otherwise we would all be sitting on a chair outside begging for permission to enter.


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