7 thoughts on “Feline RDP Friday: Feline Winter

  1. One of my cats, Amiga, has such long whiskers, I’m surprised she can get out the window.

    My cats don’t have to worry about the cold, though. They sleep on the floor during summer because it’s cool. I read that cats are originally desert creatures and can tolerate heat well. Mine go out when it rains cats and dogs, don’t worry about getting their fur wet. And during the winter it’s hardly cold. Outdoor weather is good for cats. Being outside is good for them.

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    • Tabby is now 17 years old and restricts her outside movements now. She prefers to stay at home and relax and sleeps quite a lot. I had a Selkirk Rex cat and he never really had whiskers because they were always breaking. They have very brittle whiskers and are often curly.

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