4 thoughts on “Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Sleep

  1. I’ve always envied the feline ability to fall asleep. Didn’t sleep all night because the neighbors decided the small hours of the night are just the right time to bang furniture. Whenever I see my neighbors, I have to remind myself that I DON’T live in a mental institution, it just seems like it.

    As a cat, a feral one at least, I’d be able to sleep anywhere I wanted without the hassle of selling a house. Just leap in a vase or curl up on an air conditioner, and fall asleep in seconds. So easy and smooth, their ability to relax that had kept them alive in the jungle, the ability to nap with all the dangers around. Humans could never sleep like this under the circumstances, too worried about when and if the next meal arrives. Three cheers for the feline species. They’re much more resilient than we are.

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