4 thoughts on “Feline RDP Tuesday: Stationary Feline

  1. Right next to my right hip, Duke is snoring. Bonnie is crashed out on the other sofa, and Gibbs is unconscious on the floor. If I couldn’t see them breathe, I MIGHT think they were dead. I think they are resting up so they can bark all night tonight.

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  2. Cats love to sleep. People think they’re lazy, but that’s not it at all. They’re just genetically engineered this way by mother nature. As predators and prey to larger predators, they needed all their energy to stalk prey and try to stay alive at the same time, so they’re blessed with this ability to fall asleep so easily.

    And they wake up the moment I want to put drops on the back of their necks for fleas or force a pill down their throat. always sensing the ‘predator’ approaching.

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