Feline RDP Wednesday: Busy Feline


I am always busy
I really have no time
Imagine the energy I spend
To keep it all in line
I have a bowl of food
A task I have to beat
I usually begin in the middle
To ensure that I can eat
And after this work of love
I have to take a rest
My jaws are so exhausted
from the energy I invest
My next work is recycling
I must paw to cover it all
Mrs. Human empties my tray
For this work I am too small
An then inspect my territory
Oh the work I must endure
Life is hard for a feline
Of that I am very sure
At last at the end of the day
I make an effort to summon my powers
And now the best part arrives
I sleep for twenty-three hours

Feline RDP Wednesday: Busy Feline

Guest Post: The Life and Times of Tabby

Tabby here. At last I have become famous and made my pawmark on the blogging world. I was requested to write an article about I, me and myself, my favourite theme, in Foster Cat Chats. I am sure I am now in the narrow choice for a Pulitzer prize.

Foster Cat Chats

Tabby from The Cat Chronicles is our guest blogger this week. Tabby lives with his translator and human, Pat, aka Angloswiss. Tabby has led a long and satisfying life, always sticking to the motto I, Me, Myself.

Tabby the Cat Tabby

Meow to all cats out there and to the humans concerned.

It all began 17 years ago when I was ready to make my entrance. I was the first in line to go, there were four of us. It was then that my big fat furry sister, Nera, decided she was the Alpha cat and gave me a push with her back legs and so I was not the first to appear but the second. She was not really my sister, just had the same mum. We felines do not take it so serious, and mum was on the tiles making the most of it. My dad remains a mystery but most…

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Feline RDP Tuesday: Hungry Feline


This is the look I give Mrs. Human to show how hungry I am. I am pleading, begging, to be fed. Yes, humans can be so thoughtless. They think only of themselves and their food, but we poor felines have to wait. Admittedly there is always a bowl full with vitamin pellets, but she never asks why it is always full. The answer is clear. It is always full because the contents do not satisfy my needs. I do not need pellets, I want the real thing. It must be juicy, organic, recognisable as the part of an animal, or fish.

And so I look and stare. Suddenly Mrs. Human goes into action. She realises the feline neglect she incurs. She moves to the kitchen, empties half a packet (note only a half) into my bowl and I notice she adds a secret liquid, but I do not ask questions. All I want is my food. And then I go into action and wait and stare, although she gets quite annoyed when I sit behind her: something about causing an accident. Eventually after an eternity (she says only a few minutes) my food is served.

What can a feline do under these circumstances. Just look and wait.

Feline RDP Tuesday: Hungry Feline

Feline RDP Monday: Vital Feline


And another day in my territory. What shall I do today? Something exciting, something completely different. I will have to think this over. I have only just finished a sleeping session, although perhaps an addtional few more hours just to be sure. No, I will explore the wilderness outside. I need my exercise and some fresh air. I see my bowl full of water. That would be a good beginning, a few refreshing drops clear the whiskers and the mind.

And now to move on to my food bowl. The same vitamin pellets, Mrs. Human could really use her imagination for something different. Perhaps she will be eating her ham this evening, always good for an alternative. Perhaps not vital to my existence, but it tastes good. And now the great decision. Shall I visit my territory? Perhaps the feline next door is also patrolling and there is the possibility of a paw swipe. We do not always see whisker to whisker on territorial rights. I think I will stay indoors. It looks so comfortable on the armchair and my nice soft blanket is calling me to relax and take it easy.

OK, decision made. You must always chose the vital aspects of life. See you in a few hours, sleep is calling.

Feline RDP Monday: Vital Feline

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Dirt


I am licking my paw to wipe on my nose
Cleaning the nose wherever it goes
Cat lives are a fight against dirt
But we are equipped and it really does not hurt
Humans use soap and scrub with a cloth
Then they remove with water the soapy suds of froth
But we felines are compact and have it in the paws
If we find unwanted insects, we bite them with our jaws
Of course there is dirt that is necessary for life
Covering waste with it, we do not need a knife
And then in our waste seeds begin to grow
What goes around comes around, something we must know
So let us rejoice and be happy for a wash
Water only for drinking and have a cleansing slosh

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Dirt

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Solstice


“Did you say solstice Mrs. Human?”

“Yes, today is the Winter solstice.”

“Then I have no time, I must hurry.”

“What is the problem Tabby? Where are you going?”

“Do you realise what this means in the life of a feline? It is the most dramatic day of the year.”

“I did not know that the word “solstice” existed in meow.”

“Of course it does. Our world revolves around the solstice and today is the day with the shortest day in the year. And now I have no time to lose.”

“But you are preparing for a sleep, although you have only been awake for an hour.”

“Today is the shortest day in the year, meaning I lose sleeping time. I must now sleep as much as I can to compensate the loss of time. I will have to wait until Summer for the next opportunity to catch up on the sleep loss today. This is a dramatic day in the life of a feline, it is the big sleep day. See you tomorrow Mrs. Human, and please make no unnecessary noise. I must make the most of every spare moment I have for sleeping.”

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Solstice

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline POD

Nera and the bean hunt 2

Whilst I was occupied by killing the leaf soldiers in the Autumn my litter sister Nera was making sure that the bean pods did not take over. When Mr. Human prepared this dangerous vegetable, Nera would keep an eye on them and make sure that they did not escape from the water death. First of all she had a good look to make sure they were resting in water.

Nera and beans

No bean escaped her wary eyes. If one moved she would pounce immediately and go for the kill. She knew no fear.

Nera and the bean hunt 3

Once she had captured the struggling bean pod she realised that she must be fast and leave the bean no chance of survival.

Nera and the bean hunt 5

She trapped it with her paw using the table leg to prevent the bean from escaping. There was no chance of survival for the bean and she would fight until it stopped moving.

Many were the pod battles that Nera fought, but she always won. Mrs. Human did not even thank her for her bravery, but so are the humans. They do not recognise our attempts to keep them safe from the attacking bean pods. Nera sometimes visits me from her 10th life and she is still fighting the beans in the eternal corn chambers.

Feline RDP Thursday: POD