Feline RDP Friday: Insipid feline


Food glorious food
But I only lick the juice
The rest I have to chew
It really has no use
The liquid is so tasty
Full of flavours galore
The meat is so exhausting
I must chew it more
I find it quite insipid
I could almost call it bland
It sometimes comes from a packet
But often it is canned
The real essence of eating
is when you kill it yourself
but Mrs. Human says it’s brutal
Although much better for health

Feline RDP Friday: Insipid feline

Feline RDP Friday: Acerbic Feline


Me acerbic
No, not ever
Unless you annoy me
That would not be clever
Do not touch me
My claws are always ready
I do not trust anyone
And can be quite unsteady
I can be so loving
If you feed me with meat
I will be your friend
My meows can be so sweet
But do not cross my path
Throwing water on my fur
Stay away if I sleep
When I have a quiet purr

Feline RDP Friday: Acerbic Feline