Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Surprise


I surprise them all with my sleeping places
Choosing them at random my relaxing bases
It’s good to disappear where nobody knows
They wonder where I am and keeps them on their toes
The blanket was so comfortable, so soft and wavy
With nooks and crannies, it was very cavy
Mrs. Human was searching, “where are you Tabby?”
I hid in the folds and made myself flabby
She thought I was missing, but heard my purry sighs
Finding me on this blanket was a human surprise

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Surprise

Feline RDP Saturday: Verdant Feline


“Tabby that is not a very good place for a photo. You are in the middle of tables, chairs and watering cans. It would be much better if you moved to better surroundings, with some flowers and greenery.”

“The problem being, Mrs Human, that I am now near the kitchen window for a quick entrance if I have hunger pains. And green does not exist in meow.”

“But everything is green in summer Tabby. The trees have fresh green leaves and grow new green shoots.”

“Trees have new leaves? You mean that there will be a new regiment of leaf soldiers again this year. I will have to sharpen my claws and begin to train again. Last year I killed them all. They were all dead and shrivelled laying on the ground after I trapped them when they fell on my head.”

“Tabby, they always fall from the trees in Autumn and die, it is the course of nature.”

“You mean nature is the enemy that attacks with his leaf soldiers. Nature organises them, but I will survive.”

“Of course you will survive Tabby, the leaves are not dangerous.”

“And when the water falls from the sky, they get wet and slippery. I could break a leg or sprain a paw. I find them very dangerous. I think I will go and attack a few now, then there will be less in Autumn.”

“No Tabby, leave the leaves alone. If you attack now the trees will compensate with fresh leaves again.”

“Then my efforts to save the feline world are all for nothing.”

“Just ignore the leaves Tabby, they disappear all on their own at the end of the year.”

“Then all my protection from the leaf soldiers was in vain.

“Just enjoy the greenery Tabby.”

“Of course Mrs. Human. Just one small problem.”

“A problem Tabby?”

“I am colour blind like all felines. so death to all leaf soldiers.*

Feline RDP Saturday: Verdant Feline

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Nurture


“Mrs. Human, according to my nurturing instincts, it would be time for my evening meal. You are late.”

“Tabby according to my timetable it will be in half an hour.”

“Half an hour? I could die of hunger in half an hour.”

“I don’t  think so Tabby. You look healthy enough to me. In the meanwhile you could go outside and play with your feline friends.”

“Mrs. Human the word “friend” does not exist in meow and neither does “play”. We only have the maintenance of the feline race in mind, and you didn’t even ask me about that, although nurturing screaming kittens would not be my thing. So fill my bowl with food and save my remaining lives. And don’t forget to garnish it.”

“You want a garnish?”

“Of course, you eat with the eyes. Just perhaps a pinch of tarragon leaves,  or a sprig of catmint and a side dish of whipped cream.”

“Tabby we are talking about a normal meal and not a 5 star menu.”

“And I am talking about me, the reason that I employed you as my personal slave. In the olden days we were worshipped as gods, and here I can be lucky that I do not starve to death. And don’t forget to serve it at room temperature. Taking from the refrigerator is not ideal, it can give a shock to the feline system.”

“Of course Tabby, shall I warm the food bowl.”

“That will not be necessary, we do not want to overdo it. And hurry, I am feeling very weak.”

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Nurture

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Exchange


I decided to change my sleeping place
The sun has gone from here
It has moved away from my territory
and might even disappear
I am now guarding my private spaces
To protect it from other cats
Never trust another feline
They are not such diplomats
I noticed that Roschti was moving in
I was really not so keen
I told him this space is for I, me and myself
He meowed that I was mean
And then we had a little talk
which developed to a paw fight
Roschti left,  with a loud meow
Because I threatened with a bite
Felines definitely do not exchange
We prefer to take it over
There is no discussion or change of mind
We do not allow a stopover

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Exchange