Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Lurch


“Lurching around in front of the window again Tabby?”

“I am not lurching, I am passing a message and being ignored as usual.”

“What is the message Tabby, I was busy.”

“I was using sign language to pass on a hint that I would like to go out.”

“But you can always leave our home, your cat flap is always open.”

“I was in the back room an the window was closed.”

“But the kitchen flap was open, as well as the window.”

“And you expect me to walk from one side of my home to the other, because you were too busy to open the window for me?”

“Tabby you have four legs and I only have two. I am sure you would be able to move quite quickly to the other side of the appartment. You are only wasting time scratching on a closed window.”

“Mrs. Human it is quite clear that the human body is a faulty design with only two legs, but you could try adding your arms for transport purposes to crawl and a speedy reaction to my needs. I had to wait until you even acknowledged my plea to go out.”

“If you had moved to the other side of the appartment, you would not have had to wait for me.”

“And if you had used your arms with your legs you would have been much faster. It is not my fault that you belong to the two legged species. And I am still waiting for the window to be opened.”

“What is so urgent to go outside.”

“I am still thinking about that. There are probably many urgent matters to deal with, but I have not yet decided which one.”

“And if I open the window it would help.”

“Definitely, because I could sit in front of an open window and have a choice.”

“A choice?”

“Whether I would go out or not. On the other paw, I might decide to include a few hours sleep and think about it. Be ready Mrs. Human. I will call you if I decide to go.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Lurch

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline in the daffodils

Nera with daffodils in garden

“Look Mrs. Human, that’s my litter sister Nera surrounded by flowers.”

“Yes, Tabby, she liked to sit amongst the daffodils in Spring when they flowered.”

“I remember Mrs. Human. She found that their colours matched her luxurious silky fur.”

“Someone talking about me?”

“Nera, on a visit. Mrs. Human has fainted again.”

“She always faints when I reappear, must have a nevous constitution.”

“Perhaps we should have more understanding Nera, she is a mere human and they only have one life. They are not used to having 10 lives. Anyhow how are things up in the Kingdom of Bastet. Are they feeding you well?”

“No problem Tabby, I help myself. It is not called the etnernal corn chambers for no reason. The mice reappear every day. Some even have golden whiskers, the same colour as the flowers on my photo. How I am looking, just as pretty as ever?”

“Sort of, although your outlines are getting a little be thin at the edges. I must say that yellow ring over your head looks good.”

“That is my halo, all the best felines get one. Bastet said I am one of the best and might get promoted to feline first class. I now have a complete regiment of mice under my command. How are you keeping Tabby.”

“Bearing up Nera, but she is still trying to feed me those hard vitamin pellets.”

“Yes, I remember Tabby, that is why I brought you some provisions, look.”

“Oh great, two mice with golden whiskers.”

“But eat them before you know who sees them. She has a thing for mice with wings.”

“Yes I know. They are very tasty Nera.”

“That is because they are prepared with feline abrosia.”

“What’s that?”

“You only get it where I am now living, don’t ask, just be glad for the supply. And now I must go, Mrs. Human is waking up.”

“Did I see Nera Tabby?”

“No Mrs. Human, it must have been an illusion, she is now in the eternal corn chambers.”

“What is that spicy smell, have you been eating a mouse, I can see the tail.”

“Where, I don’t see a tail anywhere.”

“Oh it has disappeared, that’s funny.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Human, there are things between …. you know.”

“Not really, but I am sure I saw Nera.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline in the daffodils

Daily Feline Prompt: Panoplying Feline


“What’s that Mrs. Human?”

“I thought I would give you a choice today, a real feline Panoply, or perhaps that word does not exist in meow?”

“Of course it exists in meow, it was one of our inventions. We are not completely behind the feline moon Mrs. Human, our intelligence was there before the pyramids were built. We were already training the mice for the corn chamber invasions, before the humans actually had corn chambers. A good feline is always prepared, which is more than I can say for humans. For example where is the tin operner?”

“I must have forgotten it Tabby, sorry.”

“Typical human! A choice which is not choice, not exactly a panoply to be exact. If you want to use these words Mrs. Human, the make sure you know their meaning first of all. This is no panoply, just a photo to look good for my blog. A bowl of unappetising hard vitamin pellets, which I would not touch with a whisker, and a tin of tuna fish which is closed. No consideration for my unopposable thumbs which are not designed to pick up tin openers to release the contents. Where is the panoplyable effect. Open the tin and dispose  of the rubbish in the bowl.”

“I was just thinking Tabby ……”

“Don’t think, nothing positive ever results from it. I have an idea. You could take a photo of my fur ball arrnangement. That would be completely in line with the subject of today’s prompt. A section, arranged according to their various sizes and contents of course. Now that one over there is my favourie. It happened after eating a bowl of vitamin pellets.”

“I though you do not like the pellets Tabby.”

“Of course I do not, an insult to my taste buds, but they make super hairballs when mixed with the other ingredients. A super consruction of a hairball and that one over there is my second best.”

“It looks the same as the other one.”

“But it is not the same. If you look closer and have a sniff, you will find it has a certain speciic smell.”

“No, Tabby, sorry. I am not interested in your hairball collection. Let us change the subject.”

“No problem, so open the tin of tuna fish. No good just looking at it – and dispose of the vitamin pellets. No, on second thoughts I might force the vitamin pellets into my digestive system. It is a long time since I manufactured a perfect hairball.

Daily Feline Prompt: Panoplying Feline

Daily Feline Prompt: Dear Mum

Write a letter to your mom. Tell her something you’ve always wanted to say, but haven’t been able to.

Cooli und Lucy2

“Dear Mum…….”

“Fuffy what are you writing on your pawpad? Looks like a letter.”

“Yes Tabby, today’s feline prompt tells us to write a letter to our mum.”

“Well that is a silly idea if I ever heard one. I am sure our mums have had so many kittens since we arrived they don’t even remember who we were.”

“But I am a Selkirk Rex and that is something special, we are registered, at least I think so.”

“Forget it Fluffy, you arrived and were sold to the highest bidder. It’s a business. We tabby felines might not be anything special, but we don’t arrive on the feline slave market.”

“Tabby, I am sure my mum loved me all the same. That’s my mum Lucy on the right of the photo and my dad Coolman on the left.”

“Ok, so you know who your dad was, even he was part of the Selkirk breeding plan.”

“Tabby, do you have any photos of your mum and dad.”

“Now that is a little difficult. I heard that my mum looked a little like my sister Nera, who is now in the eternal corn chambers, with long black fur.”

“And your dad?”

“That is a problem, Fluffy. He was a sort of mystery man. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time and my mum was never one for missing out on a good chance, so they had a little get together.”

“But she must have told you something about him, his looks, his meow and everything.”

“She would definitely have told me Fluffy if she remembered. I did ask her but she told me not to ask silly questions, “all male cats look alike” she said and I should be a brave kitten and eat my food and not fight with other felines that are bigger than me.”

“Is that all?”

“What more do I need. So carry on with your letter to your mum.”

“Don’t think I will bother Tabby, she probably won’t remember me in any case and to be quite honest I don’t really remember her. All I have is a photo. I did hear that Coolman moved on to another place where his fatherhood gifts were needed.”

“You see Fluffy, we are just sex slaves really.”

“Tabby, what’s a ……”

“Don’t ask Fluffy, you are too young for such problems. Just carry on looking at the family picture of mum and dad.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Dear Mum