Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Birthday


“Mrs. Human in a month it will be Catmas.”

“I know Tabby”

“Then you won’t forget.”

“I thought that was a feline thing and had nothing to do with humans.”

“But I am making my list already.”


“Yes the things I need, my presents.”

“You have everything you need Tabby.”

“I was thinking something special, like a mink fur lined sleeping cushion, or an elevated cat bowl.”

“An elevated cat bowl?”

“Yes I saw them in Pawnet. It means I would not have to bend my heat for eating.”

“Wait until your birthday Tabby.”

“But that is in April, far too long to wait. Ok, just order my a Versace cat bowl and a Swarovski Cat Flap, that will do for the meanwhile.”

“And what are you going to give me for Christmas Tabby.”

“Sorry Mrs. Human, but we felines do not celebrate Christmas. I could perhaps give you a stuffed mouse for Catmas, Just do not eat the tail, they are not so appetising.”

“I promise I will ┬ánot eat the tail or even the head.”

“Ok, no good throwing it away, I will take the head.”

“In the meanwhile you can move out of the toilet.”

Definitely not, far too warm and comfortable.”

“But I want to use it.”

“My litter box is at your disposal Mrs. Human. Oh, she has gone away, I think she was annoyed.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Birthday