Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Darkness


I do not have dark and do not have light
As a feline my eyes always seem to do it right
In the depth of the night I can take a walk
And I can see all details on a grass stalk
I do not know why Mrs. Human has a light
I can see everything be it day or night
One of the imperfections of the human brain
Now if they were a feline they would see it nice and plain
Of course there are places I do not dare to go
Where spiders might dwell and perhaps a feline foe
The darkness then surrounds and the shadows move so strange
But I can smell my way to organise a change
I once saw  mouse who had just left his hole
He thought he was safe and I almost reached my goal
But Mrs. Human called “where are you Tabbylein?”
I have tuna fish for you and so I had to dine
Beware of the nights and what it might hold
You might be human, then I would not be so bold
We felines are at home in the dark and have no fear
So humans stay at home and drink a glass of beer

Sorry humans but my feline brain ran out of words to rhyme with fear. You can also stay at home and do useful things like cleaning my recycling tray or preparing cat nip for when I return home from my nocturnal excusions.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Darkness