Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Drop


Thinking about going out
the window is open and ready
The weather is good, no raindrops about
And everything is steady
On the other paw I feel so tired
I should sleep another hour
And now the sky looks as it it might drop
I am sure there will be a shower
The best laid plans of mice and cats
Often go astray
I think I will now postpone my walk
Tomorrow is another day

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Drop

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Drop


“Did you see Mrs. Human, they have discovered my origins in Egypt Feline Temple discovered. It was in Pawbook with a photo of my ancestor Cuddles.”

“But how can you recognise your ancestor, are you sure? All those cats look alike.”

“I beg your pardon Mrs. Human. Just because humans all look alike when they are discovered in an ancient burial ground, it does not mean that we felines all look alike. As gods we are we all have our own individualities. Humans were only mummified to fill up the pyramids, but the pyraminds were actually built for the feline 10th lives. Actually I think that would be a good idea. You could perhaps begin with the building of our pyramid in the garden.”

“i think that is a bit early Tabby, I am not ready for my pyramid yet, and I would have to get planning permission. Our local authorities do not allow you to build a pyramid  in our gardens, It would spoil the design.”

“Ridiculous. Of course we can have a pyramid, I would be on the top floor and you and Mr. Human could be somewhere at the bottom. Just make sure that I have an enclosure for my cat nip and tuna fish cans in case I wake up and am hungry.”

“Mummified cats and humans do not wake up Tabby, so they will not need food.”

“That’s true Mrs. Human, I will be celebrating my 10th life with Bastet. I hope you will not feel alone.”

“No Tabby, definitely not and this subject is a little morbid.”

“But perhaps you could just have a look in a catalogue. I see they have some nice polished granite on offer at the local quarry in pink quartz.”

“Tabby, go back to sleep, your imagination is running away with you.”

“I wonder if we dig deep enough we might find ………”

“Tabby, sleep.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Drop