Feline Wednesday RDP: Feline Feast


This is my restaurant, my centre of action, only second to my sleeping place. The bowls are always filled and never empty. This was one of the stipulations I made when Mrs. Human moved over to make room for me.  I told her that I like my life to be organised and do not have patience to wait. Unfortunately she was under the impression that as long as the bowl was full it was enough, but it depends on what it is filled with.

As you can see in this case the bowl is filled with the tasteless vitamin pellets. I put my paw down about this and so there is a third bowl, reserved for the tuna fish, although only served now and again.  Mrs. Human finds that each meal is a feast for me, there are other cats that have to hunt for their food. She does not realise that hunting is part of the fun. She is not very clear about this. I have brought her a share of my hunting trophies, now and again a mouse, but she throws them away in the garbage. No appreciation of my efforts and I was inviting her to a feline feast.

Now and again she throws me samples of her food. Today I got a piece of cordon bleu, meat fried with cheese in a sort of a crumbled layer of bread. Even the name could not be pronounced in meow.  Now the meat was OK, but I really do not have the patience to perform a autopsy to find the meat beneath various strange textrures and felines do not eat cheese, at least this one does not. She could have prechewed it before throwing it at my paws. That is another problem. She does not realise that we felines eat with our eyes and a lump of indescribable human food does not exactly invite.

A feast? OK, where is the steak, preferably rare. You see, humans have no idea.

Feline Wednesday RDP: Feline Feast

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Feast


“I’m hungry Mrs. Human, what are you serving for my evening meal?”

“There is a bowl of food ready to eat for you.”

“I am talking about food, the real thing, something that was once alive, not the product of a machine. Who knows what those vitamin pellets contain.”

“But Tabby, they are full of vitamins and very nutritious. The vet told me that a feline does not really need anything else. They are the perfect solution to the needs of a feline. He advised to always make sure there is plenty of water to drink with them.”

“For once I agree with the vet Mrs. Human. You do need plenty of water when eating the hard, dry, tasteless vitamin pellets. Otherwise they tend to stick in your throat. I am sure theyare not real, something assembled in a laboratory.”

“But Tabby they are chicken flavoured and I though you like chicken.”

“Those pellets have never seen a chicken Mrs. Human, believe me.”

“Would you prefer the beef flavoured pellets?”

“They all taste the same. Put it in your mouth, wash it down with water. There is absolutely no opportunity to expand my gourmet flavour buds. How would you like to eat everything in pellets?”

“That is not the same Tabby. Humans also eat vegetable and salads and felines are not able to digest that. Some humans are vegetarian and never eat meat.”

“Why not?”

“Because they find it cruel to kill and animal just for its meat.”

“Strange animals humans. My mum always taught us that if it moves and breathes and smells OK, then kill it and eat it. And there we have it again, have you ever seen a feline kill a vitamin pellet. No, of course not, becaues they have never lived. They are born dead. So what am I getting for the evening meal?”

“Just to keep you happy, I will open a tin of tuna fish.”

“Mrs. Human, we have a river down the path. Why not add a touch of reality to my food and go catch a fish. you could debone it of course, and serve it for my evening meal. Tinned food is not exactly a feast for a feline.”

“Than you don’t want tuna fish for tea?”

“I did not exactly say I do not want tuna fish, just suggsted an alternative. Ok, forget it, but serve it with feeling and a little imagination. Not just empty it into my bowl, let it swim in its own juice.”

“But don’t leave the fish and just drink the juice.”

“I am thinking about it. I might save the fish for later.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline feast