Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Flag


I am the champion, I win it all
I have my own flag to hang on my wall
My motto is “Tabby the brave” because I have no fear
Of course if they are bigger than me, I then move to the rear
With the feline next door I often have a scrap
But I beat him every time I can by escaping through the cat flap
If I hear a dog barking, I say why worry
The are not as clever as me, and I disappear in a flurry
My friend is a wall, in it I do confide
There is no need to worry as behind him I can hide
Can you see my trophy, I won that for being brave
I won a battle with a human and now she is my slave
My flag flies on my cat flap when I am in my home
That is custom with exclusive cats, that have a blue blooded syndrome
If you wish an audience with me, then request it in a plea
My schedule is packed with so many meetings, my time is not so free
The entrance charge is not so much, a donation of a tin of fish
Catnip also does the trick, but make sure it is my wish
And now I have an important date with my cushion for a while
You may return a few days later if my mood gives me a smile

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Flag