Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Food Bowl


“Mrs. Human, I am bored.”

“Then go for a walk.”

“I feel too tired for a walk. Life is so boring here, Every day the same food, the same sleeping place, you should really take more care of my surroundings.”

“But you have everything you need.”

“Mrs. Human we even have two words in meow for “need” and “want”, “meow” and “meow”.”

“But they are the same words Tabby.”

“Definitely not. It is according to how you apply them. “Meow” with the enphasis on the twitch of the ear means “need”, but “meow” combined with a definite right paw thrust enhanced by being covered by my tail,┬áhas a completely different interpretation. That is the “I want” translation.”

“But you have everything Tabby.”

“Then where is my Swarovski crystal glass cat flap decorated with diamonds, not to mention my Versace designer food bowl.”

“Tabby your food tastes the same whether in a Versace designer bowl or a stainless steel bowl from the supemarket.”

“No it is not the same. Every average feline has a bowl from the supermarket.”

“Yes but yours is stainless steel, the other felines I have seen only have plastic.”

“I would have plastic as well if they had not been having a special offer for stainless steel bowls on the day you boought mine.”

“That is a small detail.”

“It might be a small detail in a human life, but it is a big detail in a feline life. I was worshipped as a god in the old country, and deserve more respect. I was browsing through my pawpad and noticed that they are now making bowls in gold. That would be something completely different.”

“Well as it happens Tabby, I have bought you a new bowl.”

“Show me. Looks good, how many gold carat does it have?”

“You see what a good copy it is Tabby. It is imitation gold, I think brass, but I am sure the other felines in the neighbourhood do not have such an exclusive bowl.”

“Pull the other paw Mrs. Human. No self respecting feline would eat its tuna fish from an imitation gold bowl, made of brass. I see I will have to keep the Versace bowl on my bucket list.”

“You have a bucket list.”

“Of course, the things I must have before I reach my fifth life. Time is running out, I am now on life No. 4.”

Feline Food Bowl