Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Fret


“Mrs. Human, where is my favourite cushion? The one with the Garfield design.”

“I had to put it in the wash Tabby. You created your last hairball on it.”

“You should have asked me first. Without that cushion I cannot sleep. I will have meowmares and have you ever seen a feline that has sleepless days and nights-”

“I did not think that felines could suffer from insomnia. They seem to be able to sleep everywhere.”

“Of course we can, so why put my favourite cushion in the wash. I have to rest my weary whiskers somewhere and that was ideal.”

“But it began to smell of hairball Tabby.”

“Only in one corner of the cushion and hairballs have a definite scent of their own, quite homely and now my cushion is gone. When are you planning to wash it?

“With the next suitable wash, tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow! Are you aware that I could die from a sleepless day and night without my favourite cushion. Wash it today, now.”

“But Tabby you have many other cushions.”

“It is not the same Mrs.Human. I like to rest my head on Garfield, I can sleep better.”

“Tabby I have never seen a feline with insomnia and I am sure you could sleep on another cushion, What about your cushion with the fishbone design?”

“That won’t work Mrs. Human. I was having a hairball rehearsal on that one. In the meanwhile you can let me use your pillow until they have both been washed.”

“How do I know you will not deposit a hairball on my pillow.”

“You don’t and neither do I.  I can be quite spontaneous with my hairball production.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Fret