Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Passport

Tabby 31.03 (1)

“Mrs. Human, where is my passport?”

“You do not need a passport.”

“Of course I do, it is important. I need to establish my identity amongst the other felines and prove that the MacDonalds “M” on my forehead has a meaning. My ears and eyes must be everywhere, I must keep my territory under control. I need my passport to be able to move in other territories and know what the other felines are planning. There must be something to prove my identity.

Tabby Immunisation Permit 31.03 (2)

“I have your identity card issued by the vet showing your birth date, sex and type of feline.”

“I do not trust the vet. I no longer have a sex since that memorable occasion upon one of my first visits to the vet, so that is a lie to begin with. And what an insult to call me a “house cat”. I am Tabby, once worshipped as a god, not a mere house cat, although I must say the description “tiger” suits me.”

Tabby Immunisation Permit 31.03 (1)“Sorry Tabby, but the word “tiger” on your permit only means that you are a tabby. It is a vet expression for your type. But your birth date is registered, 2nd April 2002. Here are some more details. The vet registers¬†every time you get your annual jab.”

“In that case you can now organise my birthday gift, time is getting short.”

“Yes Tabby, I thought perhaps a nice tin of tuna fish.”

“A tin of tuna fish – forget it. I get that every week. No, I have decided it is not the tin that is important, but the bowl it is served in.”

“But you have a nice bowl Tabby.”

“Of course I have a nice bowl, but it is not the bowl that fits my position. I have decided I must have a Versace designed bowl which would be fitting.”

“No, Tabby, you are expensive enough and the food tastes the same in a Versace bowl. All those entries in your health passport cost money.”

“Then save the money for the vet and spend it on my well deserved Versace designer bowl for my birthday.”

“Tabby, we have had this discussion before.”

“But then I did not know that it would be my birthday in two days.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Passport