Feline RDP Friday: Feline Delay


“Tabby what are you waiting for.”

“Silly question Mrs. Human. My super organised body is sending signals that it is time to fill my bowl with food, real food and no vitamin pellets. There has been enough delay. ”

“But I was busy Tabby, dealing with the weekend shopping and preparing my evening meal.”

“What about my evening meal? You can really be quite selfish Mrs. Human. I am starving, dying of hunger and all you care about is your evening meal.”

“You look quite healthy to me Tabby. Just a few minutes and I will be with you.”

“Few minutes does not exist in meow Mrs. Human, only “at once”, “immediately” “instantly” or “in a flash”, so what about it? And do not forget to reduce the size of the meat pieces with a fork. It slips down easier, and I do not have to chew so much. Make sure there is enough juice on the meat and it should be room temperature and not from the fridge. It is a shock to my delicate system if it is cold, understood?”

“Yes Tabby, at once Tabby, but eat it all. I do not want any leftovers.”

“Mrs. Human I will eat it in my own time. Perhaps I might leave a small remainder in case I awake in the night with hunger. Just leave it in my usual place. And now to eat, before I die of hunger. Humans really only think of themselves.”


Feline RDP Friday: Feline Delay

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Prompt


“Tabby, what about pawing your daily prompt today?”

“Mrs. Human I am exhausted and I need to take a few hours rest. What’s the subject?”

“Prompt, today it is a year since the ragtag prompt began. I am sure you have something to say about it.”

“Of course. I would like to thank my mother, my many brothers and sisters, my ancestors, and Bastet for making it possible for me to partake in the Daily Feline Prompt.”

“What about me Tabby?”

“You Mrs. Human? You just do the mechanical work, but the basic artistic phrases and ideas are mine. Everyone waits for my daily words, it is the main purpose of switching on the computer, to read what I have to say.”

“And today you are not writing?”

“Tomorrow Mrs. Human. The anticipation and eagerness to read my treasured words will be all the more. In the meanwhile you could perhaps organise a sun shade. The sun is quite bright and disturbing my moments of relaxation.”

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Prompt

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Eyebrow


Do you see an eyebrow?
Of course not, I’m a cat
I really have nothing to say
so that is the end of that
Now if you were talking of whiskers
I would begin to write a book
A most spectacular appearance
That gives me a special look
If I ever lose one
I keep it under my paw
When I awake the next morning
I find I have two more
We do not have a tooth fairy
but have the whisker dame
She decides if we get more
And who joins the meow of fame

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Eyebrow

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Bench


Who needs a bench when I can have a bed
This is the place to rest my weary head
I like it very soft so that I can sink and relax
Here I spread my paws and wait that sleep attacks
This is my bench today, but tomorrow I might change
It depends on the mood I have where I like to range
I am really not so lazy, but my lives they need a sleep
I have 5 of them to care for, four I could not keep
Now I will move on, a blanket is waiting for me
It is so soft and fluffy, that is now where I must be
Or shall I go outside to relax on natures ground
Oh the decisions I must make, just give me a comfortable mound

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Bench

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Tool


I carry my tools
wherever I go
They are attached to my paws
And that you must know
Your human ignores you?
She thinks you’re a bore?
Just put out your tool
And scratch on her door
Some call them claws
Keep them pointed and sharp
If you scrape them on wood
they sound like a harp
They are multi purpose and versatile
between my toes they are attached
Very useful for irritations
you have a flea, then you can scratch
Beware of the vet
He likes to cut them short
Luckily they grow again
Keeping them sharp is a feline sport
We felines would be lost
Without our claws to leave our mark
If you scratch them on some metal
you can even make a spark

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Tool

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Cyclone


“Tabby what are you dashing around for?”

“I am not dashing around Mrs. Human, just exercising my paws, tail, whiskers, ears and nose, as well as my claws.”

“But you do not have to combine it with leaping from the bed and trying to climb the wall.”

“Of course I do Mrs. Human, it is all part of the feline action plan: be prepared at all times.”

“But what do you have to be prepared for?”

“For the case that it might happen.”

“What might happen?”

“No idea, but it is better to be prepare it case it does.”

“That does not sound very logial Tabby.”

“It doesm’t have to be logical, just feline.”

“Oh I see. How are you going to fit eating and sleeping into such a busy routine.”

“No problem.When I am exhausted I will collapse for a sleep and in between eat. And now out of my way, I need a straight path to the chair, from where I can jump down to the floor and climb the wall. Move, I am coming, I am having a cyclonic hour.”

“Oh I see.”

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Cyclone