Feline RDP Friday: Insipid feline


Food glorious food
But I only lick the juice
The rest I have to chew
It really has no use
The liquid is so tasty
Full of flavours galore
The meat is so exhausting
I must chew it more
I find it quite insipid
I could almost call it bland
It sometimes comes from a packet
But often it is canned
The real essence of eating
is when you kill it yourself
but Mrs. Human says it’s brutal
Although much better for health

Feline RDP Friday: Insipid feline

Feline RDP Friday: Acerbic Feline


Me acerbic
No, not ever
Unless you annoy me
That would not be clever
Do not touch me
My claws are always ready
I do not trust anyone
And can be quite unsteady
I can be so loving
If you feed me with meat
I will be your friend
My meows can be so sweet
But do not cross my path
Throwing water on my fur
Stay away if I sleep
When I have a quiet purr

Feline RDP Friday: Acerbic Feline

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Return


I always return,
no matter where I go
Something pulls my whiskers,
right, left and to and fro
Does not matter how far
I wander from the road
Getting lost is not a problem
I have my own post code
There are scents of birds and mice
of butterflies and bees
I take a long deep breath
And hide amongst the trees
But then I hear a noise
My bowl is filling with food
It is then I must return
My hunger is renewed.

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Return

Feline RDP Friday: Hiking Feline


And so the brave feline made her way, undaunted, ready to fight her way throughout the grasslands. Every paw step was analyse by counting every blade of grass  Would it be safe to march on ahead, would there be dangers lurking in the high grass.  And then she crossed the field. Now it was wide open country, no protection and it began to rain. She also heard a dog barking nearby.

She made her choice. Should she stand her ground and prepare for a fight to the bitter end? She saw the dog approaching, it was barking and its tongue was hanging out. The rain was falling heavier. She made her decision.

Picking up her ears and sniffing the air she finally saw the welcome sight of the cat flap. She was now in her own territory. Yes, she meowed to herself, hiking is great but home is even better. She charged through the cat flap. She gave herself a wash, curled up and slept to recover from the exertions of the hike in her home and postponed the idea of further excursions, at least until the dog disappeared.

Feline RdP Friday: Hiking Feline

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Camp


Just give me some shade
And a comfortable place
Then I can stretch
Using feline grace
I need no camp
It means I have to share
One for all and all for me
Is my motto and all I care
I want my own place to sleep
To spread and stretch my paws
Just leave me alone to do my own thing
I need no communal applause

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Camp