Feline RDP Monday: Feline Flow


Which way shall I go
Shall I follow the flow
Of the birds tweeting loudly
In front of the window
But it is time for my food
and I don’t have to catch it
The birds fly away
Their speed I cannot match it
Life is full of decisions
and I have many lives to live
I think I will sleep it over
My time I cannot give

Feline RDP Monday: Feline Flow

Feline RDP Monday: Ephemeral Feline


Tropic solar day
A short ephemeral sleep
beyond the tired

“Tabby I don’t quite understand that Meowku.”

“You don’t have to understand it Mrs. Human. Lives are too short to invest time into the interpretation of a meowku. In any case, it was written in meow, and only meant for us felines.”

Feline RDP Monday: Ephemeral Feline

Feline RDP Monday: Feline Breeze


“Tabby why are you sitting indoors. Outside the sun is shining and it is a wonderful day.”

“That is a matter of opinion Mrs. Human. The sun might be shining but there is a strong wind blowing disturbing my fur.”

“It is only a light breeze Tabby.”

“I prefer to stay where I am.

Shining Summertime
shall a gentle cool breeze blast
is a hurricane

“Another meowku Tabby?”

“Yes Mrs. Human, never trust a breeze, it can be the beginning of a leaf soldier attack.”

Feline RDP Monday: Feline Breeze

Feline RDP Monday: Feline Balm


“There you are Tabby, I was looking for you.”

“And now you have found me, so you can close the door. Or has you kitten now gone. Not only your overgrown kitten, but he also now has a kitten.”

“Yes, isn’t it sweet.”

“That is a matter of opinion Mrs. Human. That new kitten has a loud voice. I was almost deafened and he was chasing me. The only place I found refuge was in your bathroom. I had to hide behind the cupboard. It was very exhausting. The next time they come, let me know in advance, then I can plan my retreat.”

“But he really like you. He has never seen a cat before.”

“I am sure he hasn’t. Any feline would make itself scarce rather than face such an ordeal of being deafened and chased. I like to lead my own quiet life with no disturbances or unwelcome noise. I would have disappeared but even the weather was against me. There was water falling from above. And now to take a quiet rest for a few hours with no screaming human kittens.”

Feline RDP Monday: Feline Balm

Feline RDP Monday: Blustery Feline


There is no time to lose
I must be very quick
I am the feline bluster
And it is time to have a lick
This morning it was raining
A puddle is outside
It looks so very inviting
And so I will abide
Oh every drop is abrosia
The chosen drink for a cat
I savour every tongue full
My perfect habitat

Feline RDP Monday: Blustery Feline