Feline RDP Saturday: Verdant Feline


“Tabby that is not a very good place for a photo. You are in the middle of tables, chairs and watering cans. It would be much better if you moved to better surroundings, with some flowers and greenery.”

“The problem being, Mrs Human, that I am now near the kitchen window for a quick entrance if I have hunger pains. And green does not exist in meow.”

“But everything is green in summer Tabby. The trees have fresh green leaves and grow new green shoots.”

“Trees have new leaves? You mean that there will be a new regiment of leaf soldiers again this year. I will have to sharpen my claws and begin to train again. Last year I killed them all. They were all dead and shrivelled laying on the ground after I trapped them when they fell on my head.”

“Tabby, they always fall from the trees in Autumn and die, it is the course of nature.”

“You mean nature is the enemy that attacks with his leaf soldiers. Nature organises them, but I will survive.”

“Of course you will survive Tabby, the leaves are not dangerous.”

“And when the water falls from the sky, they get wet and slippery. I could break a leg or sprain a paw. I find them very dangerous. I think I will go and attack a few now, then there will be less in Autumn.”

“No Tabby, leave the leaves alone. If you attack now the trees will compensate with fresh leaves again.”

“Then my efforts to save the feline world are all for nothing.”

“Just ignore the leaves Tabby, they disappear all on their own at the end of the year.”

“Then all my protection from the leaf soldiers was in vain.

“Just enjoy the greenery Tabby.”

“Of course Mrs. Human. Just one small problem.”

“A problem Tabby?”

“I am colour blind like all felines. so death to all leaf soldiers.*

Feline RDP Saturday: Verdant Feline

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline View


This is  my favourite view, perfect. I could look at it for hours.

Every evening I now get my bowl of real meat. No longer the dry vitamin pellets, but meat that was once alive and breathing. It is so soft and juicy. Since the memorable visit to the vet where I got an empty paw when they removed some blood, I have been receiving this wonderful meal every day. It was worth losing a paw full of blood  to get such a reward I notice Mrs. Human even adds liquid to it before I receive it.

It seems the vet said it is good for me and the liquid is something very special. Sometimes there are advantages in visiting a vet. Mrs. Human still remarks that I am costing more money, but I tell her it is all in a good cause, because it is all for me.  Of course she agrees, although she said something about being good for my kidneys. I am not sure what a kidney is, but I am glad I have kidneys otherwise I would not get such a wonderful menu. It has a definite taste of chicken.

And now I must go, I still have the remainder to eat, no good wasting a plate of chicken.

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline View

Feline RDP Saturday: Pink Feline


I am back, did you miss me? Of course you did, what a silly question. Blogging without me to guide you is wasted time. You do not know what to write, have no prompts for a good subject content, and you were all lost without my leadership. Of course, I would have been here were it not for my complicated human. She had a computer problem. I had none of course, but she did not ask me. It seemed to be a photo problem, although I have plenty of photos, but it was all to do with herself. Humans can be so selfish sometimes, and not spare a thought for a feline.  I wanted to tell you so much about how life was progressing in my home. It was quite exciting.

In the morning I awoke and dragged myself to my food bowl. Had a good lick and afterwards a relaxing sleep. We felines tire so quickly after eating and washing. Five hours later I was again ready for action. Had another wash, although my tongue was now qute exhausted and decided to have a sniff at my food bowl. There was again only the dry hard vitamin pellets, but I had no choice. I can tell you biting on those pellets is an exhausting business and so I afterwards collapsed again into my bed, although I believe I made a short excursion to my recycling box in between.

Mrs. Human was still occupied with her computer problem, here nose and cheeks were becoming quite pink with excitement, but I remained in my usual calm feline state. I decided to take it easy again and in the evening I had real food, the stuff made of something that was once alive, full of juice. Of course, I had to recover afterwards and again retired to my bed. During the night I had a few moments of serenading the humans whilst they were sleeping, but they ignored me and so I decided to continue my sleeping session. And then it was morning, so I dragged myself again to my food bowl, whilst Mrs. Human was still dealing with her photographic computer problem and then……. no, I am repeating myself, but so is the hardworking stress day of a feline.

Feline RDP Saturday: Pink Feline

Feline RDP Saturday: Identical Feline

Cat 26.09 (1)

“Are you sure it is not you? This feline also has a tabby pattern.”

“But it is not an original like mine. I have symmetrical stripes showing my descent from the felines that were worshipped as gods. This is more in the Picasso style of things, although we tabbies all have a unique mark on our fur.”

“You have a unique mark?”


“Of course, otherwise our mum would not recognise her kittens. I have a broad dark stripe on my back, to make sure that I am recognised, although I have my doubts with humans. For humans all tabby cats look the same. I must admit all humans look the same also. It is a good that they all smell different.”

“But I don’t smell Tabby.”

“You think so Mrs. Human? We felines do it all by smell, at least our nose is not short sighted.”

“How do I smell Tabby.”

“A human smell, it depends on what you had for lunch of course. At the moment it is definitely something that reminds me of a pig.”

“I beg your pardon. I do not smell like a pig.”

“What did you have for lunch?”

“A pork chop.”

“There you have it Mrs. Human. You definitely have something piggy about you at the moment, but do not worry, as soon as you eat something else it will disappear. What are you eating for tea?”

“I have some ham.”

“Pig again. Try eating mouse or bird, it would make your smell more identical to mine.”

Feline RDP Saturday: Identical Feline