Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Sanctuary


Who am I looking at? Mrs. Human of course. Actually I was in one of my favourite sanctuaries (don’t tell her) getting ready for a sleep on her bed. She was already sleeping and so I joined her as every day after the human lunch. We felines eat lunch when we fell like it, but humans seem to have fixed times. Anyhow, so routined as she is, she goes to bed afterwards and I join her. She awoke and the first thing she did was to take this telephone camera thing she has and begin to take photos of me as I was also awake.


Here is my profile. It was a real portrait session but it is clear when a feline is as beautiful as I am that I am the perfect model.

I decided to leave as she was now awake and visit my sanctuary in the bathroom. There is a nice small carpet on the floor, just my size, and the floor is heated. Now what could be better. I also have a sanctuary on the armchair in the living room and in summer I have four chairs to choose from outside. I now even have a wall to sit on and observe my territory, what could be better.

And now it is feeding time, my bowl is my food sanctuary. My new diet means fresh food in the evening and no more pellets and I saw a delivery of tuna, all packed in packets for me. What could be better

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Sanctuary

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Effort


“Mrs. Human, I know the vet has forbidden certain delicacies, but I do not remember him saying I had to starve.”

“But you have food in your bowl.”

“12 Pellets from yesterday, although they taste different to the other pellets.”

“They are special for your kidneys Tabby.”

“Who is kidney, do we have a new feline?”

“No, they are the parts of your body which need help.”

“I feel fine and do not need any help, especially not from pellet food, but wait, I smell a distinct scent of tuna fish in the air.”

“That is because I am preparing a plate of food for you from the vet.”

“I thought she said no tuna.”

“This is a special tuna food, especially for you.”

“You mean I am getting tuna again. Great. But what is that you are sprinkling over it?”

“That’s your medicine.”

“Just serve it straight, without medicine.”

“But you need your medicine and the vet said I can mix it with your food.”

“Just give me the food, I will try to ignore the medicine.

I must say I am beginning to like the vet if she gives me such wonderful food, but it is almost too much.”

“No problem Tabby, I will put the rest away for you tomorrow.”

“Great, my fifth life is worth living again. Did she have any other little delicacies in the Tabby health programme.”

“Yes, I have a nice big bag of special vitamin pellets for your regular food, the tuna is only for in between.”

“I knew there was a catch in it somewhere like giving with the right paw and taking again with the left. Never trust  a human, especially if it is a vet.”

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Effort

Feline RDP Saturday: Frosted Feline

Ice on the water

This is my bowl of water in the morning, there is ice on top, frozen solid
It is more than just a little frosted, it is even looking squalid
Of course I give my commands and order the human to act
She goes outside immediately, wearing her nightdress, it is a fact
She has no time to lose, I must have my daily drink
She must take the bowl inside and wash it in the sink
And then she goes again in the cold, and fills it for the day
I have got her very well trained, she does it without a delay
She complains that it is cold outside, but she does it all for me
It is her purpose in life, for everyone to see


Now she goes inside, because she outside is not so bright
I test the water with my paw, to ensure that it is right
She leaves me with the telephone to call if something is wrong
Yes I have her well trained, she always tags along

Feline RDP Saturday: Frosted Feline

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Cook


A lick here and there removing some of the fur
Not too much and not to little, just enough to purr
Now to search for good green grass to make a colour scheme
How creative I can be, the result will be a dream
Something is missing, what could it be
Perhaps vitamin pellets and a nice juicy flea
That will be a mixture that will give it perfect form
And now to swallow it all and keep it nice and warm
“What are you doing” Mrs. Human makes a call
I am busy using energy for a perfect hair ball

Feline RdP Saturday: Feline Cook

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline River


The feline river is for drinking and it arrives in a bowl that Mrs. Human fills for me in the morning and evening. It is my own private river, more than a river, an ocean. When you drink the water you are drinking the flavours of its life. I savour every drop of the air it breathes and the places where it has been. The best water is the one that falls from the clouds as it captures the flavours of the earth when it is falling. I watch it arriving and I pounce when it is no longer falling to capture all the flavours it brings.

I prefer the water from the ground, as it has then settled and is not threat to falling on my head. I like it fresh and cold, but sometimes older water develops a special taste, you can compare it to human wine. It has that certain flavour that cannot be described in words. Yes, we felines are the connoisseurs of water flavours.

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline River

Feline RDP Saturday: Abstract Feline


I am not abstract, I am real, and I exist in meow
Humans are abstract with a language that doesn’t know how
Many words are superfluous, no meaning for a cat
We do not deal with “friends” and “like”as a verbal acrobat
Our logical thoughts are a genuine wealth
Just three are important, I, me and myself

Feline RDP Saturday: Abstract Feline